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a thank you for you — and your light

Image by Christoph Schütz from Pixabay

Thank you, dear readers
Heaven’s manna, being heard
You are Grace and Feast —
dark Before now crystal caves
echoing flames of Afters

©Jenine Bsharah Baines 2021

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a crystal cave ever since I read Mary Stewart’s The Crystal Cave when I was 14 years old. Fabulous take on the Arthurian tradition, with Merlin living in…yes, a cave lined with crystals!

Synchronicity alert — I’m also listening to a presentation on the “Cave of the Heart” by Father Michael Fish. His site is called Hermit Fish because Michael is a bona fide hermit…and where…

Take a walk with me…

Photo by walking partner for life, Gary

“In the end, we’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

The above quote says it all for me. I could so easily make it my entire bio…Except I suspect Quy Ma expects a bit more out of me than this. (Insert smile emoji.)

two (sort of) limericks

Thank you, Leslie

Photo by Poet

There once was a gal named Jen,
continually asking her shrink, WHEN?
When will the clouds go away?
Promise this stark forecast won’t forever stay.
When WILL I dance with the sun again?

You MUST trust the process, Leslie said.
Stop forcing things so hard in your head.
Your heart is the key
Let it sing with Paul Let It Be!
And, now, wow, I’ve Two-stepped from the dead!

©Jenine Bsharah Baines 2021

When I read Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg)’s limerick, Make Limerick Love Not War, I knew I needed to write these two (sort of) limericks.

three (sort of) limericks

Wearing satin pajamas out to dinner

Photo by Rumana S on Unsplash

I wore satin PJs out to dinner –
such sartorial display’d be a winner!
But neither friend noticed.
Why? I’ve not the remotest.
Begone, Ego, silly showoff and sinner.

Friends admiring each other’s bling –
diamonds, gold! Their souls sing.
A pension and husband pay the tab.
Happily, I joined in the blab
even as boredom took wing.

Pre-pandemic I yearned for rocks, too.
Somehow now they’re spiritual goo.
A lotus arising am I.
(Gimme a break, sweetie pie.)
Watch out! Your Pride’s saying boo!

©Jenine Bsharah Baines 2021

I call these (sort of) limericks because 1. they’re not funny…

a poem

a thank you to my daughter and a friend

Photo copyright of Jenine Bsharah Baines

Birds swim
Whales soar

Birds lap waves of light,
high-dive into currents,
splashing treetops and guardian angels
with beauty marks of petals and zest
Whales rise from depths,
feathered in water-song
wearing laurels cast by nets
of delight

Each a marvel — a legion of
fireflies spilling with raindrops
infinitesimal lanterns enlightening

Grace notes released from the staff
into the mailbox
as the rain joins the chorus
in an a cappella Sanctus quenching
and recoloring my fainting aura

catching me before I pool into
infinite puddles of grim misperception,
Reaper lightning

I am not alone

I am not alone!


lessons learned from my Aunt Jennie’s desk

GiaB writing prompt #21 furniture

This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/This file was donated to Wikimedia Commons as part of a project by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Bequest of Mrs. Screven Lorillard (Alice Whitney), from the collection of Mrs. J. Insley Blair, 2016

I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.
Queen Elizabeth I

A ruler who tolerated no dissent, my aunt loved her Queen Anne desk.
I don’t. I am no fan of furniture with folderals.

Yet I can empathize with Anne, how history marred
its ornamentation of her reign with a deep scar of a smear campaign
schemed by a woman she’d loved, chiseled more deeply into time’s grain
by men who disdained her inner décor’s lack of a Y chromosome.

Queens are kings. …

a poem and dance

true self as 20th Century Fox musical

Photo by Franciszek Augustyniak on Unsplash

Act One

In college I yearned
to major in theatre, but
my parents balked.
It wasn’t practical.
A midcentury modern good girl,
I considered Plan B

becoming a nun.
Impractical to most, but
room and board — practical manna.

Very yin and yang, yes,
yet gospel truth,

no way was my toe shoed soul
willing to walk
in Sister Scholastica Marie’s ugly ass shoes.

Act Two

We settled on prima ballerina –
a swan in a jewelry box
spinning to a tune she soon grew
sick unto death of
spiraling oh so beautifully downward,
arms fluttering outward over
her bowed head…

Spiritual Weekly Prompt: Healing

inhale, exhale, repeat

Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

“and miles to go…” Robert Frost

Don’t hold your breath awaiting an instant easy cure. Every short cut — yes, that one, too — leads to a dead end on this journey. The only way through is Acceptance. You have been thrown into the deep end of the pool. You are going to sink to fathoms that may well frighten you before you heal. Bafflement will become your lane line. Follow it, repeat. Lap upon endless lap.

Even if all you could manage before The Great Throw was to float on a giant rubber ducky, you must learn to swim…

a poem prompted by a miracle

embracing my wild self

Photo copyright of Jenine Bsharah Baines

White wildflower, what’s up?
Why are you here
in a crack in a rock wall — wondrous
and welcome as a geyser of black gold
amidst the Texan tumbleweeds?

Like the white feather I found
this morning taking out the trash,
you must mean Something.

Or maybe you don’t.

Birds shed feathers,
a seed rides the wind, nests, sheds its shell.

Yet how the roots of mystery ignite
my rocket wings.
Magic’s audience and acolyte, my destiny –
yoga for a creaky soul whose aura
fits way too tight in an unflattering shade

whereas white
the color of peace, enlightenment,
and my…

jenine bsharah baines

O, to be indomitable, joyous, a seeker of epiphanies, an acolyte of Beauty, a worshipper of wisdom, a beam in the Light! jeninebaines@gmail.com

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